Janks Archive + Last Billboard

janks \‘jaŋkz\ n, pl, slang [Alabama]

jokes intended to directly insult the recipient by attacking personal attributes (such as physical appearance, intelligence, competency, socioeconomic status, familial and interpersonal relationships), often leading to verbal sparring

snaps, disses, slams, burns, jibes, digs, cut-downs, slaggings

<you are so skinny you have to run around the shower to get wet> [USA]
<I’ll cut you down so low, you’ll have to hold a sign that says “don’t spit, can’t swim”> [Alabama]
<you’re about as useful as a chocolate teapot> [Belfast]


*Current Events*
Janks Archive: Pittsburgh, September 17- October 5. Collection event and exhibition as part of Pittsburgh Biennial 2014
Janks Archive featured on The Last Billboard (through end of September)