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English: You’re so fat you call Fat Joe “Joe”
collected: Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, Queens (6-4-2016)
origin: he wrote this joke several years ago. It is a reference to the rapper Fat Joe


English: Your mama is so big, when you go around the corner, you’ve got to go AROUND the corner.
collected: Jamaica, Queens (05-14-2016)
origin: heard this playing The Dozens with friends in school, sometime around 1993 in Jamaica, Queens.


English: Your mother is so fat, when you have to drive around her in the car, you run out of gas
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: more recent yo-mama joke from Portugal. Very common in Portugal to insult each other’s mothers


Finnish: Sinun äitisi on niin läski että kuin hän menee rannalle Greenpeace yrittää työntää hänet takaisin merelle
English: Your mama’s so fat, when she goes to the beach, Greenpeace tries to push her back to the sea.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-22-2015)
origin: not from Finland. Perhaps he saw it on the internet.


Finnish: Syö sika syö, jouluna sinut tapetaan.
English: Eat pig! Eat! You will be killed at Christmas.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-20-2015)
origin: heard it from their respective grandparents. Commonly used by elderly towards children who eat too much.