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Finnish: Hiuksesi ovat niinkuin metsä, eivät yhtä tiheät mutta yhtä täynnä elämää.
English: Your hair is like a forest. Not as thick but as full of life.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-19-2015)
origin: told to him by his father when he was a child


Latvian: Vai tu varētu beigt runāt? Man jau mati sāp no tā.
English: Please stop talking. My hair hurts.
collected: Riga, Latvia (08-01-2016)
origin: Traditional Latvian insult joke. He heard it today at his office. Very common within his work environment – in which people work in close quarters and shared workspace


“Your hair is so nappy Moses couldn’t even part it”
collected: Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University (9-20-14)
origin: remembers it from 4th or 5th grade (circa late 90s / early 2000s), Chicago