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English: Everyday the bucket goes to the well, but one day the bottom must drop out
collected: Astoria, Queens (04-28-2016)
origin: an old proverb her grandmother used to say to her growing up in Guyana, which means: every day one keeps on doing wrong in secret, one day the truth will be revealed


Finnish: Itku pitkästä ilosta.
English: You will cry after a long happiness.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-20-2015)
origin: very old Finnish proverb – meaning “sooner or later shit will hit the fan.”


Finnish: Mies tulee räkänokastakin, muttei tyhjännaurajasta.
English: Snot-faced kids become men, but not the ones who laugh too easily.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-20-2015)
origin: very old Finnish saying/proverb. Used to insult someone for being silly or foolish.


Finnish: Hullu mies Huittisista! Syö enemmän kuin tienaa.
English: You crazy man from Huittinen! You eat more than you earn.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-20-2015)
origin: old Finnish saying, originating in or about someone in Huittinen, now used throughout Finland. Something you say to or about someone who is being a spendthrift.