The Eternal Insult is a two-channel video installation that selects videos at random from our global archive and plays them on opposing screens. The result places the viewer in the center of an endless verbal duel and references traditions like the Dozens (USA) and the Albur (Mexico). As opposed to a traditional video with a set beginning and end, in this installation, once each scene has played, the order is re-shuffled and played again. The relationship between joke teller and receiver is thus constantly in flux, and jokes begin to take on new meaning with each iteration.

"Eternal Insult." Single Channel "Eternal Insult." Single Channel KKC cinema (photo courtesy KKC) KKC cinema (photo courtesy KKC) Eternal Insult diptych 1 Eternal Insult diptych 2 Eternal Insult video installation detail Eternal Insult video installation detail 2