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Lithuanian: vyrai mūrai ąžuolai mergos terbos bezdalai
English: (a rhyme – word by word) men – masonry, oaks, maids – handbags, farts
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: very old Lithuanian joke, said to her by her grandmother. “Terba” is special, very old-fashioned word meaning: a special kind of bag, usually made from fabric or yarn, for shopping or keeping vegetables). “Mergos” is usually young woman, but not a girl.


Finnish: Savolaismiehethän on tunnetusti niin pieniä että heidän päässä haisee jalkahiki
English: The men from Savo are so short that their heads smell like foot sweat
collected: Vaasa, Finland (01-23-2016)
origin: from Savo, a region in eastern Finland where people are known to be short. He heard it used many times in Savo, during the 10 year period he was living there.


Finnish: Mies tulee räkänokastakin, muttei tyhjännaurajasta.
English: Snot-faced kids become men, but not the ones who laugh too easily.
collected: Vaasa, Finland (12-20-2015)
origin: very old Finnish saying/proverb. Used to insult someone for being silly or foolish.