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Greek: Εισαι σαν ανάποδο γαμωτο
English: You look like an upside down Fuck.
collected: Corona Plaza, Queens (04-30-2016)
origin: a slang expression common among Greek youth that one would say to someone who is in particularly bad shape (i.e. hungover)


Göttscheabarisch (German dialect):
English: literally translates to “you can like me,” but is used as a friendly way to say “go fuck yourself”
collected: Ridgewood, Queens (04-28-2016)
origin: heard this growing up from friends and family in the Gottscheer community in Ridgewood, Queens


Lithuanian: užsipisk grabais [“grabais” – old dialect/slang term ]
English: go fuck yourself with caskets
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: common Lithuanian insult, originating in Soviet times. comes from a jail dictionary. Heard it said in Kaunas. meaning go fuck yourself