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German: Er hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank
English: He doesn’t have all of his cups in the cupboard
Collected: Durham, NC (9-3-2018)
Origin: Common German expression, indicating someone is missing something, mentally. Originally from Rhode Island, but lived in Berlin, and is a German language teacher.


English: Your mama is so stupid, she bought a cup to see Juice.
collected: Jamaica, Queens (05-14-2016)
origin: heard this playing The Dozens with friends in school, sometime around 1993 in Jamaica, Queens. Juice is a 1992 American crime drama film featuring Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, and Samuel L. Jackson.


Finnish: Älynlahjasi ovat täysin mitättömät
English: your intelligence is completely insignificant
collected: Vaasa, Finland (01-23-2016)
origin: from a scene in the Moomin animated TV series (circa early 1990s) in which the Moomins have to defeat a killer plant by insulting it over and over again.


[Black Shirt]
Spanish: Ese albur es elegante, a tu mama se la chingo un elefante
English: That is an elegant albur, but your mom was fucked by an elephant
[Green Shirt]
Me dejaste como pajarito, pero preguntale a tu mama como le deje el hoyito
You let me like a little bird, but ask your mamma how I left her hole
[Black Shirt]
Que otra grosería?
What other rudeness?
[Green Shirt]
Tu mama es teibolera, salvala del tubo
Your Mom is a table-dancer, save her from the pole
[Black Shirt]
A tu mama le dicen el himno nacional porque la tocan desde primaria
They call your Mom the National Anthem, because she’s been played since elementary school
[Green Shirt]
A tu mama le dicen el pastel porque todos le meten el dedo
They call your mom The Cake, because everyone sticks their finger in her
[Black Shirt]
A tu mama le dicen el semáforo, porque después de las 10 todos la hacen como quieren
They call your Mom the Stoplight, because after 10 everyone does with her whatever they want
[Green Shirt]
A tu mama le dicen el Oxxo, porque esta abierta las 24 horas del día
They call your mom the Convenience Store, because she is open 24/7
[Green Shirt]
tu mama es tan pero tan gorda, que cuando se avienta un pedo provoca calentamiento global
Your Mom is so fat, so fat, that when she farts, she causes global warming
[White Shirt]
Tu mama es tan pobre pero tan pobre que va al Starbucks y pide un atole
Your Mom is so poor, so poor, that when she goes to Starbucks she asks for atole
[Green Shirt]
Tu mama es tan pendeja que va a ver las telenovelas afuera de Electra
Your Mom is so stupid that she watches the soap operas outside the furniture store
[White Shirt]
Tu mama es hombre
Your Mom is a Guy
[Green Shirt]
La tuya se parece a Barney
Your mom looks like Barney
[White Shirt]
La tuya se parece a Singrom (guy in Black)
Your mom looks like Singrom
[Black Shirt]
Tu mama es tan puta que se saco un ojo de la cara para tener otro hoyo por donde le dieran
Your mom is such a whore that she took one eye out to have an extra hole

collected: Mexico City, Mexico (3-13-13)
origin: Albur