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Spanish: huevón
English: literally “egg” but means “sloth”
collected: Ridgewood, Queens (04-28-2016)
origin: common way to call someone lazy, meaning “sloth” – which is very insulting because sloth is one of the seven deadly sins. Commonly used in his family, which is half Ecuadorian and half Colombian.


Göttscheabarisch (German dialect): Du lump
English: you lazy rascal
collected: Ridgewood, Queens (04-28-2016)
origin: A way to call someone lazy. Heard this growing up from friends and family in the Gottscheer community in Ridgewood, Queens


Spanish: “huevón”
English: Literally “big egg” but slang for “really big testicles” that are so big they prevent you from moving.
collected: Cleveland, Ohio – Cleveland Institute of Art (11-7-14)
origin: a common saying in El Salvador, used when someone is being lazy or slow.