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English: If you don’t steal, you won’t succeed in life
collected: Corona Plaza, Queens (04-30-2016)
origin: Something he heard growing up in Mexico City (D.F.). Commonly used among friends, when someone asks to borrow something.


[Green Shirt]
Spanish: Si el robo es pasion banañame con tu menstruacion
English: If theft is passion shower me with your menstruation
[White Shirt]
Avientame a una hermana
Toss me a sister
[Green Shirt]
La que traigo de campana
The one I’m wearing as a bell
[White Shirt]
[Green Shirt]
La verga del mono
The monkey’s dick
[White Shirt]
La del palomo
The pigeon’s one
[Green Shirt]
Se te sube al lomo
It climbs your back
[White Shirt]
Echala a volar
Send it to fly
[Green Shirt]
La de tu carnal
Your bro’s
[Green Shirt]
En alburear me ganas pero a un burro se la mamas
In albur you beat me but you suck the donkey’s one
[White Shirt]
Ese albur es viejo, ven y jalame el pellejo
That’s an old albur, come and pull my skin
[Green Shirt]
Ese albur me llego al corazón pero preguntale a tu mama como le deje el calzon
That albur got to my heart, but ask your Mom how I left her panties
[White Shirt]
ay, se me fue el pedo
Screw it, I lost it
[Green Shirt]
Ya me lo chingue
I fucked him up

collected: Mexico City, Mexico (3-13-13)
origin: Albur