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English: Do you have sand in your vagina?
collected: Jamaica, Queens (05-14-2016)
origin: First heard it in Eindhoven, Netherlands about 20 years ago. Something you say to someone who is being hypersensitive.


Finnish: Pyörii kuin puolukka pillussa
English: twirling like a lingonberry in a vagina.
collected: Helsinki, Finland (01-31-2016)
origin: Something you say to someone who is acting aimless or being useless. It is a reference to a story in the Kalevala, the national epic poem of Finland, in which a virgin, Marjatta, is immaculately impregnated by a lingonberry.


Finnish: Sun naamas oh ihan norsunvitulla
English: your face is like an Elephant’s cunt
collected: Vaasa, Finland (01-23-2016)
origin: common insult in Finland to describe someone who looks really angry. He has used it before to describe customers who come into his workplace looking pissed off