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English: I had a friend who was so ugly, so ugly, when he was born his mother threw him away and kept the placenta.
collected: Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, Queens (6-4-2016)
origin: an old joke he remembers saying with his friends in Ecuador


English: When you were born you probably hit the floor really hard because your face is totally messed up.
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: Very common type of joke in Portugal – a way of telling someone they are ugly.


Napolitan: ‘ttaccat’ ‘o biiberon e vatt’ a fa’ ‘na cacata, piscitiell’ ‘e canucc’
English: suck on your baby milk bottle and go take a dump, little baby
collected: Riga, Latvia (08-01-2016)
origin: Italian dialect/slang from Naples meaning…” buzz off, rookie”


Latvian: Tu esi tik neglīts, ka pat tava mamma mēģināja pārliecināt ārstus, ka tu neesi viņas dēls.
English: you are so ugly, that even your mom tried to convince the doctors that you were not her baby.
collected: Riga, Latvia (08-01-2016)
origin: A joke his father used to tell him when he was a child, because he said he was an ugly baby