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Dutch: Beschuitlul
English: Biscuit-dick
Collected: Amsterdam, Netherlands (12-16-2018)
Origin: This is one of many common food related insults used in Amsterdam. It references a soft, airy biscuit or cracker. If you squeeze it, it crumbles. He heard this particular insult in the Dutch film “Amsterdamned”


Finnish: Nenä vuotaa kuin sulhaspojan kyrpä
English: Your nose is dripping like a bridegroom’s penis
collected: Helsinki, Finland (01-31-2016)
origin: something you say to someone with a running nose. She heard it when she was a teenager from her first boyfriend, in eastern Finland.


Spanish: Andale, mamy, comprame el mango, es dulce como el primer beso.
English: Come on, mamma, buy my mango, it’s sweet like the first kiss (mango meaning penis)
collected: Mexico City, Mexico (3-13-13)
origin: from a man selling mangos at the market, Mexico City