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Lithuanian: tu kaip šūdas, pajudinai ir pasmirdo
English: you are like shit. when someone moves you, it stinks.
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: she heard her grandmother say this to her mother


Lithuanian: nešik miltais – malūnai sustos
English: don’t shit flour – the windmills are going to stop
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: old/ traditional (especially first part. just “Nešik miltais”) and common Lithuanian joke – a way to tell someone to chill out.


Lithuanian: kad tave šikantį sutrauktų
English: you should get cramps while shitting
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: old and common Lithuanian joke


Lithuanian: tavęs klausytis, skausmingiau negu iššikti metrą spygliuotos vielos
English: Listening to you is more painful than shitting out a meter of barbed wire
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: he made it up on the spot, though could be traditional if you would just say : shit a meter of barbed wire


Lithuanian: malasi kaip šūdas eketėj
English: you are swirling around like shit in a hole in the ice
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: heard it from a colleague at work. Old Lithuanian countryside joke from Samogitia region. Used when someone is being indecisive.