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English: your father’s weiner is smaller than yours
collected: Kaunas, Lithuania (01-10-2016)
origin: in Portuguese. Overheard an exchange between a couple. The man said: you cannot say one thing to me that would make be both happy and sad. She responded: your father’s weiner is smaller than yours.


Latvian: Labāk tavs tēvs būtu uz sienas pabeidzis nekā tevi taisījis.
English: It would have been better that your father would have finished on the wall instead of making you
collected: Riga, Latvia (08-01-2016)
origin: He heard from his friend, he thinks.


Latvian: Man ir māsa. Un mamma teica, ka viena no mums ir atsitusies tēvā, bet otra pret izlietni.
English: I have a sister. My father said one is similar to him, the other was hit by a sink.
collected: Riga, Latvia (08-01-2016)
origin: Traditional/classic Latvian joke. Play on words – double meaning of the word for “similar”